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Shot Blasting

By using our shot blasting services, you will achieve the perfect preparation for the powder coating process. Small spherical compounds are used to perform the abrasive removal of any coatings, rust, or fouling. They are delivered with high velocity to the surface via the power of an air compressor. Because the compounds travel somewhat randomly within an overall direction, they are far more effective at covering a given surface area when compared to methods such as abrasive hand-held power tools. This helps us achieve a great finish at speed on the most complex of objects. Contact us for more information on our shot blasting service.

Perfect Prep For Powder Coating

The powder coating process relies upon the electrostatic charge that is created between the coating and the surface itself. Because we achieve such a perfect preparation of the surface, it promotes the powder coating process at its core. With every inch of the surface cleaned, the coverage we achieve will provide a perfect coating and therefore seal for your product.

What We Shot Blast

We can shot blast a large variety of items from small ornaments through to commercial skips and even vehicles themselves. Shot blasting is usually associated with harder metals like steel. However, we can also achieve this method on softer metal such as aluminium if you require. We will adjust our process to suit the shape and composition of your item.

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