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Our powder coat services provide you with access to a range of finishes. When choosing a finish on a given surface, there are many things to consider. The material make-up of your item will make certain finishes more desirable. Further to this, the intended use of the product will also determine what the best method of application will be. We will help you to achieve the visual finish required, as well as any specific weathering requirements demanded by the intended use. We will work with you to achieve your specification, budget, and schedule. For more information on our services, please get in touch today.

Quality & Affordability

Powder coating is an extremely efficient process. This efficiency allows for great value for money. Our process reduces the time associated with traditional application methods such as manual or spray painting. Further to this, the powder material not taken up during application is also able to be collected and used on future projects. This means we offer a cost-effective service with minimal waste.

Because the process of powder coating is well-organised, it promotes a clean and functional workspace. This helps us perform precise and consistent work. Powder coating offers a great finish, meaning any surfaces are well-prepared to perform for our customers.


Whatever you need your surface to do, we will find the solution. With the use of electrostatic forces during application, the medium applied will maintain a consistent coat that stays in place. This negates the risk of runs and fluid migration that is present in traditional forms of painting. This allows the product to offer practical benefits on a consistent basis.

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