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How Does Powder Coating Work?

How does powder coating work? Powder coating involves several stages. A new or old surface will be prepared before the application of a primer and subsequent coating. This is then cured using heat. The metal component(s) will retain an even application of the coating throughout the process. This is achieved due to the fact that the particles composing the coating are positively charged by the spray guns built in coil. This then forms an electrostatic bond with the grounded, and therefore negatively charged, metal object. After this application, the curing is performed in an oven, setting the coating into a durable solid layer. We can coat any metal surface you require, simply get in touch.

Efficiency, Environment, & Quality

Due to the fact that the electrostatic phenomena are utilised for this process, you are guaranteed a complete and even coverage of your item. Fast cure times are also a benefit of this process, meaning you will have a fast turnaround.

Powder coating also has some environmental benefits when compared to other methods of application. A big component is the fact that no solvents are required, thus the VOCs involved in the process are massively diminished. The process is also very resourceful, any unused powder can be collected and used for future applications, meaning minimal waste of materials.

Powder coating offers a strong surface that has the ability to provide great coverage. The finished layer will help against mechanical impact as well as weathering.

Safe Surfaces

Depending on your industry or intended use, you may require different specifications from your finished coating. We will help you select the correct application for your item. You may need to prioritise strength, colour, or food safety. Let us know and we can pick the solution to suit.


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