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Shot Blasting & Powder Coating

Garden Furniture & Household Items

We can help you with garden furniture and household items of all shapes and sizes. If you would like to restore a much loved item back to its former glory, then we can help you do just that with our one stop shop service. With shot blasting and powder coating available under one roof, you are guaranteed a quick turnaround and like new finish every time. We can help you as an individual, with a personal service to restore your favourite items, or scale up our works should you have a larger production goal for commercial purposes. Give us a call or drop us an email for more information.

RAL Chart Colour Selection

We can work to the colours that a present on standard RAL charts. This makes the process much easier for our customers, as they can browse the standard selection and make a choice easily. Once you have fond your preferred choice, simply let us know. 

Alloy Wheels

If you require the repair and restoration of any alloy wheels, then Blackpole Powder Coating Ltd can do just that. After continual use and exposure to abrasive surfaces, alloy wheels can become degraded, and in some cases, receive significant visible damage. You may wish to simply restore your tired alloys to the condition they were in when new, or you may also require some help removing larger scratches. Whatever the case, we will get your wheels looking brand new once again. We can even weld up damages if required. 

One Stop Shop

We provide a one stop shop service. Our years in the trade mean we can quickly provide the best product for your item, as well as prepare and finish it. With our 5.9meter shot blasting booth, we can accommodate small ornaments through to cars. You simply just need to let us know your preferred colour and intended use. 

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